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  2. MODEL SEARCH and TFP Application Form

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  3. Hello!

    I'm always looking for new fresh faces, beautiful females and social influencers to collaborate with on a variety of styles of photography including gel glamour, boudoir, glamour and more. I treat these sessions as TFP sessions: you receive print-quality and web-quality images for your portfolio, and I use these photos to build our own portfolio and for marketing. 

    Please Read:

    I am only shooting 1-2 TFP per month max due to paid shoots. As a result I am EXTREMELY selective on my choice of models! You are welcome to submit this form and if I believe we would be a good match for the shoot then I will reach out to you. If you wish to hire me please email me at or call me at (512) 468-3477 and leave a message. Thank you!

  4. General Information

  5. Here are some basic guidelines to consider before submitting this form:

    💃 I'm looking for females only at this time

    😱 Turnaround time on TFP shoots can potentially be up to 3 months! This is due to my ever-changing schedule and paid shoots taking priority. If you need photos quickly then the only way to guarantee that is to pay for a session. Contact me at if that's what you wish to do.

    🕵️‍♀️ I am always looking for new faces, but also love to collaborate with exceptional models we have worked with before!

    😱 The biggest thing I look for is the ability of the model to EMOTE. To be sexy, sensual, coy, shy, smiles, fiece, superhero, etc. I LOVE VARIETY and a model that can bring it with a slew of awesome poses.

    ☠️ Tattoos are welcome

    💍 Piercings are welcome

    💃 I'm looking for feminine, toned and athletic body types (not super-ripped or muscular or full-figured models at this time)

    😱 For Gel and Glamour shoots: I'm hoping to find models who are comfortable showing skin. There will be no nudes here but some garments may be sheer and we might also do some implied. 

    💃 Attire for glamour and gel glamour shoots : lingerie, teddies, panties (your wardrobe) and veil (Everett Christopher) for bridal boudoir

    💃 Attire for neon shoots: baby dolls, camisoles, halter tops, tshirts

    💃 Attire for fantasy shoots: Custom. We will discuss!

    🤷‍♂️ I only arrange for MUA and hairstylists for our beauty, avant garde, fantasy, and cosplay shoots. If you would like to shoot glamour or neon shoots with us then we can recommend many in Austin. Or you can just do your own hair and makeup.

    😎 For Glamour or Gel Glamour shoots: You are welcome to bring as many outfits as you want but we will choose a total of 3 outfits max. You will get to choose 3 favorite photos per outfit. I will also choose our own favorites, and you will receive them all. This typically results in somewhere between 8-12 total, final, edited photos.

    😎 For Neon shoots: One outfit only.  You will get to choose 6 total favorites from the session. I will also choose my own favorites, and you will receive them all. 

    😎 For Fantasy shoots: One outfit only.  You will get to choose 6 total favorites from the session. I will also choose my own favorites, and you will receive them all. 

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  8. Gel, Glamour and Boudoir Models Only

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  16. Thank you for filling out my questionnaire! I will review it and if I feel we would be a good match for a TFP collaboration then I will reach out to you. If you don't hear from me within a few days then that probably means I didn't feel we would be a good match for a collaboration. I try my best to reply to everyone but I am constantly getting new requests, so if I don't reply back to you at all I apologize in advance.



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